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Rise Above

Starting 20th May 2024

A 7-Day Challenge to help you unleash a calmer, happier future for you and your barky dog

Hosted by Alyssa Ralph, Reactive Dog Specialist

Renowned for her success with reactive dogs, Alyssa has been featured in numerous publications for her transformative approach.


She's empowered hundreds of barky dog owners to navigate the world safely, and guided them on the road to dog-friendly adventures. 


Start your journey with Rise Above Reactivity, and transform your reactive pup into a confident canine companion, ready to explore the world by your side.

In this FREE 7-day challenge, you will learn...

Monday 20th May

Understanding Your Dog

Spot the signs that your dog is about to lose it, so you can get ahead of them and stop the barking before its even begun.


Friday 24th May

Traffic Lights In Reactivity

Discover why traffic lights are important when training your reactive dog - and how you can use them to your advantage.

traffic lights.jpg

Wednesday 22nd May

Foundations of Reactivity Training

Learn four easy training exercises to stop reactivity in its tracks.


Monday 27th May

The Missing Piece of Reactivity Training

If you feel like you've tried every trick in the book, and you're STILL struggling with reactivity, this is what you've been missing.


In this 5-day challenge, we will cover

By the end of the week, you will...

😌 Feel in control of your dog's reactivity: Stop feeling like your dog's behaviour is calling the shots and get your life back!

🤓 Be confident in your next steps: No more overwhelm and guesswork! Learn the "why" behind your dog's reactivity and discover clear, actionable steps to get you started.

💞 Trust your dog: Discover the root of their reactivity and build a deeper connection based on mutual understanding.

🤩 Feel excited to take your dog for a walk: Imagine relaxed walks under the summer sun, filled with joy and exploration. Rise Above Reactivity will help you to leave the worry and anxiety behind. 

🥰 Ditch the shame and embarrassment: Find a supportive community where you're understood and celebrated for your dedication

If you're ready to conquer reactivity once and for all, grab your spot in this FREE challenge and take your first step toward a brighter future.

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