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Free Advice Call

Feel empowered to make informed decisions about your dog's training.

  • 45 minutes
  • Online

More Information

Feeling lost with your reactive dog? Here are some ways our Free Advice Call can help: 😰 Overwhelmed by your dog's behaviour? You're not alone! Chat with Alyssa, our dog trainer and behaviourist, and get personalised advice to tackle those challenges. 😪 Tried training, but not seeing results? Feeling discouraged? Let's talk about what might be missing and get your dog back on track. ❤️ Love your dog, but unsure how to help them thrive? We can explore ways to build a stronger connection and a happier life together. 💞 Just need someone who gets it? Alyssa has experience with reactive dogs too! Share your struggles and receive empathetic support. 🫣 Dog bite incident left you scared? We understand the fear and uncertainty. Let's discuss management strategies and explore a brighter future. This free call is your chance to start your dream dog journey! What to expect: 💬 Chat directly with Alyssa and talk through any issues you're facing. 🐾 Get personalised advice and practical solutions tailored to your dog. 🥰 Feel heard and supported in a judgment-free zone. 🤩 Leave with a clear next step to transform your lives together. Ready to get started? Book your free call today and take a sip of confidence (or tea, whichever you prefer!). We're here to help! ☕️

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