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Rediscover Relaxing Walks With Your Dog

Is your dog constantly barking at other dogs and people, or pulling with all their strength against their lead when they see someone?


Do dog walks fill you with dread, knowing you're going to have to battle your dog the whole way?


Then it's time to find your dog's off-switch.


Scrap the stress and discover what calm dog walks feel like with these 5 easy-to-do steps, that are guaranteed to give you rapid results. What's even better? They're absolutely FREE.

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My FREE Guide To Calm Dog Walks Will Teach You How To:

  • Identify & manage any pain in your reactive dog, allowing them (and you!) to relax, focus & enjoy time outside.

  • Supercharge your progress by tailoring your dog's diet & supplements, helping them to feel more confident and relaxed.

  • Understand & manage doggy overwhelm, so you can limit their meltdowns & stay in control.

  • Achieve lasting results by understanding what causes your dog to act this way, so you can both start to be cool, calm and collected.

Isabel & Charlie

"This has given me lots of ideas for helping Charlie stay calm - as well as for my 'reactive' teenagers and how to empty my own personal bucket...I promise I won't start chewing the table, though! Thanks, Alyssa!

Emma & Ollie

"This information is invaluable ! I can't believe you're giving this away for free."

Leila & Kona

"My nearly 9-year-old collie can be reactive and I know most of her triggers, but this has given me lots to think about and if I can be doing something differently/better"

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A Little About Me:

Hello! I'm Alyssa, founder of Holistic Pet Services: a scientist at heart and a dog trainer by design.

I'm on a mission to change how we live with dogs, using a whole-animal approach to help people fall back in love with their dogs and restore harmony to their home.


Spending most of my life working (and living) with aggressive and reactive dogs, there are a few rules I live by…

  • Approach EVERY dog and person with kindness and compassion

  • ALWAYS look at the full picture; every detail matters

  • Training is a lifestyle, not an activity

  • Wanting change means making a change

I've tried pretty much every training technique under the sun to help with reactivity, so I know what really works. I no longer panic when I see another dog or an unfamiliar person. Instead, I trust my dog to make the right decisions and we're taking on the world together. What's more? I've helped hundreds of other reactive dog owners achieve this, too. 


As it turns out, you don't need to be bamboozled by technical terms and jargon. You don't need to intimidate, scare, or hurt your dog. You don't need to grow an extra limb to handle all of the equipment.


And it doesn't need to take forever. 

I'm sharing 5 tips to help you get a calmer, easier dog IMMEDIATELY. 

Sign up today and start your journey towards the dog of your dreams. 

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