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Delamere Forest Workshops

Join Alyssa and the team for FREE dog training workshops, exclusive to Delamere Forest!

In these 30-minute long sessions, you will learn how to teach your dog crucial skills for a happy life together. Whether you just want your dog to walk nicely on-lead, or you desperately want them to stop running after everything that moves, we've got a class for you. 

Read more about each class below, then click the button to sign up!

Spaces for each class are strictly limited, so book quickly to avoid missing out. If the class you want is already fully booked when you click onto it, scroll to the bottom of this page and join the waitlist so you can be notified if any spots open up.


Walking Nicely on Lead

If your dog is a bit of a steam-train, and you regularly wonder, "Who's walking who?", then this is the class for you! 


We'll be going over how to get your dog to pay more attention to you on walks, and how to get them sticking close by, so you can wave goodbye to having your arm nearly pulled out of its socket. 


Stop Chasing Everything

This is essential for those dogs that just want to run after everything. Whether you've got a collie who loves chasing cyclists, or a dachshund that likes to chase squirrels, you're sure to learn something in this session.

You and your dog will learn to calmly watch these things, rather than spring into action, so you can feel more in control and less like you're being dragged after anything that moves.


Coming Back When Called

This class is for dogs that have selective hearing and only like to come back to you on their terms. Sign up to this one if you want to avoid those embarrassing "Fentooon!" moments.

We'll practise teaching our dogs a magic word that gets them enthusiastically charging back to you - without you losing your voice in the process!


Stop Barking At Everything

Some dogs struggle with big feelings, often leading to big barks. Come along to this class if you feel self-conscious on dog walks and cut off from the rest of the world because your dog is just too shouty. 

We'll go over some of the reasons behind the relentless barking and teach you practical skills to manage it - so you can finally unleash calm and relaxing dog walks. 

Forest Road

Join The Waitlist

If the sessions are already booked up by the time you get here, you can sign up to our waitlist to be notified of any cancellations.

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