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Start your journey to your dream dog today.

This is a chance for you to start your journey towards your dream dog. You'll get to chat directly with our dog trainer and dog behaviourist, Alyssa Ralph, so you can talk through all the issues you're experiencing with your furry family member. If you're struggling with a reactive dog, your dog is barking when left alone, growling at you in your own home, or something completely different, you can get the help you need here. 


We're not here to judge, but to listen with an open mind and help you to make the right decision moving forwards.


At the end of this session, you will have a clear view of the next step you need to take to transform your and your dog's lives.


Find a time that works for you by booking into our calender directly below. Then, simply bring yourself and a hot cup of tea (or whatever you fancy!), and get chatting.

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