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Veterinary Referral

Getting to the root of the issue

As many as 82% of behaviour problems can be caused or exacerbated by a physical disease or injury.  Because of this, all of our clients looking for behavioural assessment must be referred to us by their vets. 

This allows us to work with your veterinary team to understand if there may be any medical issues contributing to your dog's behaviour, so we can effectively treat the root of the problem.

Ultimately, this means you're much more likely to see results in your training, and unleash your dog's inner calm.

For Vets

If you would like to refer your client for behavioural or nutritional consulting with us, please complete the form linked below and return it to us, along with the patient's medical history, at

For Owners

If you would like to book with us for behavioural or nutritional assessment, please send the below form to your vets for their consideration.

Please be aware that most veterinary practices will require a recent health check before they can refer your dog to us.

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