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Is Your Reactive Dog Leaving You Feeling Isolated, Trapped & Grieving For The Life You Wanted?

Break Free From A Life Of Restrictions: Enjoy Peaceful Walks And Join The Community You've Always Craved

Get My FREE 7 Steps To CALM Mini-Course Today

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My FREE 7 Steps To CALM Mini-Course Will Help You:

  • Understand your dog's physical, nutritional, and emotional health to improve their behavioural and overall well-being

  • Recognise your dog's needs, emotions & psychology, enabling you to train them more effectively and empathetically

  • Discover training techniques for long-lasting change, improving your dog's optimism and confidence and transforming your walks from stressful to carefree

  • Manage your dog's triggers, helping your dog to feel safe and allowing you to finally push forward with your life

Helen & Fyn

“Alyssa has a remarkable ability to listen (and we have a lot to say) and distil our experience into an exercise and within minutes show us how to manage our reactive dog in different situations. 

Our rescue Parsons terrier has quickly become more manageable and a pleasure. We will continue to seek her help in our journey and highly recommend her and her approach to anyone” 

Nat & Mina

"Alyssa is totally amazing! I can highly recommend her: a huge amount of knowledge, friendly and so supportive, you seriously can't go wrong."

Sarah & Rosie

"Without your help I have no idea where we would be with Rosie - certainly not feeling so positive about the future together.

We still have a lot of hard work ahead of us but having your support has made a huge difference to us."

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A Little About Me:

Hello! I'm Alyssa, founder of Holistic Pet Services: a scientist at heart and a dog trainer by design.

I'm on a mission to change how we live with dogs, using a whole-animal approach to help people fall back in love with their dogs and restore harmony to their home.


Spending most of my life working with (and living with) aggressive and reactive dogs, there are a few rules I live by…

  • Approach EVERY dog and person with kindness and compassion

  • ALWAYS look at the full picture; every detail matters

  • Training is a lifestyle, not an activity

  • Wanting change means making a change

Now that I know what it actually takes to rehabilitate a reactive dog, I don’t worry anymore. I no longer panic when I see another dog or an unfamiliar person. Instead, I trust my dog to make the right decisions and we're taking on the world together. What's more? I've helped hundreds of other reactive dog owners achieve this, too. 


As it turns out, you don't need to be bamboozled by technical terms and jargon. You don't need to intimidate, scare, or hurt your dog. You don't need to grow an extra limb to handle all of the equipment.


You can get a relaxed, confident dog just by following some simple methods, and I'm spilling the tea on those exact methods in the 7 Steps To CALM Mini-Course. 


Sign up today and finally unleash the dog of your dreams. 

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